Fishers Big Wheel

Do you remember Fishers Big Wheel?

Fishers Big Wheel, sometimes known as just Big Wheel, was a discount department store chain based in New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States. The company operated stores under the Fisher’s Big Wheel and Buy Smart names. At its peak, the chain comprised more than 100 stores in the Northeastern and Midwestern United States. The chain declared bankruptcy in 1993, selling some stores to Pamida and closing others. The chain closed in 1994.

The Rise & Fall of Fishers Big Wheel

Fishers Big Wheel was Founded

Fisher's Big Wheel consolidated in 1939 following the consolidation of the Fisher Dry Goods company of New Castle, Pennsylvania and a hardware store called Big Wheel.

The End of Fishers Big Wheel

Fisher's Big Wheel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1993, closing ten of its stores. Fifty-five more stores were later closed in 1994 as a means of liquidation. Several locations were also sold to Pamida, a discount chain based in Omaha, Nebraska. On January 6, 1994 it began layoffs and liquidation under bankruptcy and closed the last of its operations by the end of the year.

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