Sisters Chicken and Biscuits

Do you remember Sisters Chicken and Biscuits?

Sisters chicken and biscuits was a concept that Wendy International designed in the 1970’s. Sisters Chicken and Biscuits was founded in 1978 by Wendy’s International in Columbus Ohio. Sisters International was a new entry in a chicken market that includes Kentucky Fried Chicken, Church’s, and Popeyes.

Sisters Chicken & Biscuits opened as a “high quality, upscale” chicken and biscuit joint. Sister’s Chicken and Biscuits restraints featured a large dining room, carry-out services, and a quick and easy drive thru with a pickup window. Sisters covered all the bases the menu items included fried chicken, baked biscuits, and sausage.

Sisters chicken and biscuits expanded to 20 restraunts in the year of 1978. Sisters opened restraunts in Columbus, Detroit, Lansing, Cleveland, Memphis, Hunington areas. After 9 years Wendys decided they wanted out of the chicken business and sold the company in 1987 to its largest franchise owner.

The Rise & Fall of Sisters Chicken and Biscuits

Sisters Chicken and Biscuits was Founded
Sisters Chicken and Biscuits

Sisters Chicken and Biscuits was founded in 1978 by Wendy's International in Columbus Ohio

The End of Sisters Chicken and Biscuits

Ultimately, the company was forced to close all 20 of its locations by 1994.

Click through the gallery above for some of the most popular forgotten retail spots that are now gone, but never forgotten. Did we miss one of your favorites? Share your memories in the comments.

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